Window scantlings

Window scantlings

Technical data

material   spruce
characteristics   three or four ply, glued from three or four 24 mm layers - cut edges in fixed lengths
from 500 mm to 3 000 mm
or finger jointed chunks in the length of 6 000 mm
dimensions   72/82/96 mm x 86 mm
72/82/96 mm x 115 mm
72/82/96 mm x 125 mm
72/82/96 mm x 145 mm
humidity   12 % +2, -3 %
maximum difference in the humidity of layers 3%
gluing   PVAc  glue
D – 4 according to DIN EN 204 (STN EN 204)
texture   layer A - radial timber
layer B - semi-radial and semi-tangencial timber
layer C - radial –semi-radial timber
finger-joints   in layers A and C is 300+ mm length allowed
in center layer B is 200+mm length allowed
growth rings   maximum vertical distance 6 mm
widths ratio of growth rings in finger-jointed layers is a maximum of 1:1,5
( does not apply for layer B)
glued joints   unglued joints are not allowed
glued gap allowed up to 0,1 mm
strength of finger-joint - 75 % of fold in the wood
Three-ply window scantling   Cutting of scantling edges

Quality conditions
the product meets all requirements of German standard ŐNORM B – 3013 und STN 74 6101

Quality A   surface of layers A and bottom of layers C practically without defect sides of scantling - knots
allowed 1 piece per 1 m  up to 6 mm and pitch canals up to  30 mm 3 pieces/1 m
distance of growth rings maximum 6 mm
Quality A1  

vertical distance of growth rings max. 6 mm
in layers A and C is react wood allowed

Layer A

  • healthy knots up to 6 mm 1 pc/ m
  • pitch canal up to  30 mm 2 pieces/ m
  • black knots up to  5 mm 1 piece/ m

Layer B

  • healthy knots up to 10 mm
  • pitch canal up to 50 mm
  • black knots up to  5 mm
    applies also for sides of layers A, C

Layer C

  • healthy knots up to 6 mm 2 pc/ m
  • pitch canal up to  30 mm 5 pc/ m
  • black knots up to  5 mm 3 pc/ m
Quality C   blue colored wood allowed, 250 mm +